Representatives of National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and National Scout Associations (NSAs) of the European Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) will come together for the 24th European Scout Conference (#24esc) at the Conference Hall De Doelen,  in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 22 – 27 July 2022.

At the same time and at the same place representatives of Member Organisations (MOs) and Component Associations (CAs) of the Europe Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) will meet at the 17th European Guide Conference (#17egc).

These two Conferences serve as General Assemblies of the members of both Regions. Their roles and functioning are defined by two separate constitutions and rules of procedure. Participants discuss a variety of matters relevant to their Region and elect the volunteer members of the respective two Regional Committees.

Because of the strong relations and joint co-operation between the two European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM, all delegates and observers will meet at joint sessions during the 17th European Guide and Scout Conference (#17egsc). It is at this Joint Conference that matters of mutual interest are discussed and plans for future joint work and joint events elaborated and approved. 


Rotterdam is a major logistic and economic centre as it houses the largest port in Europe. In 2020, 120.000 ships came into the port, making Rotterdam the 10th largest port in the world. Next to ships there are also many people in Rotterdam. Over 650,000 people call Rotterdam their home from about 180 nationalities. It is a truly international city. 

Rotterdam is also known for its modern design. The architecture of the city is very distinct from other cities in The Netherlands as Rotterdam does not have an old city centre, this is due to a big bombardment during World War II.
The #17egsc will take place in the concert hall De Doelen. De Doelen has been a concert hall since 1622. Today, the venue is still in use for concerts of all different types of genres. De Doelen lies in the heart of Rotterdam near highlights like De Koopgoot and de Kubuswoningen.The venue has been a national monument since 2015.  


We plan to provide you with exciting side events during the conferences.  For all the 3 main events (opening ceremony, international evening and closing night) we will take you into the city, to discover its turbulent history, its colourfull inhabitants and the unique vibes. Therefore we will take you to unique locations in the city center. All in walking distance from the conference hall.

What to think about an opening ceremony located at a symbol of the city’s motto; stronger through struggle. Laurenschurch, one of the few historic buildings that survived the tragic bombardment of the city center. An international evening at the modern hart of the city, with a referal to the harbour the city revolves around. And a sparkling closing event, in one of Rotterdams nightclubs, that will make sure it is a night that will be rememberd for many conferences to come. 

We are extremely exited about the sunday evening; Rotterdam Night. That night you will get the chance to discover Scouting in The Netherlands, Rotterdam and all both have to offer!

It will be a night for the adventurous, the urban explorers, the ones who like to take it easy, the ones who want to get wet and dirty! During the Conference days we will also provide you with energisers, moments to relax, discover fun and interesting things about (scouting in) the Netherlands. So, never a dull moment in Rotterdam.

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