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Registration closes on the 15th of May 2022

The Conference fee covers:

The Conference fee does not cover:


1. Appointment of Heads of Delegation to the 17th European Guide Conference and the 24th European Scout Conference

To register for the 17th European Guide and Scout Conference and the concurrent respective governing assemblies, National Scout Organisations (NSOs) of the European Region of WOSM and Member Organisations (MOs) of the Europe Region WAGGGS must first nominate a Head of Delegation who will subsequently be the principal contact person. National Scout Associations (NSAs)  from WOSM or Component Associations (CA) from WAGGGS will attend the Conference as part of the delegation of the NSO (WOSM) or MO (WAGGGS) they are part of.

2. Submission of Delegation Nomination Form

The designated Head of Delegation will complete the Delegation Nomination Form. A duly completed, signed and scanned copy of this form needs to be returned to the Joint Conference Secretariat as soon as you possibly can (the form helps us to verfiy data submitted online in the individual registrations) and a physical copy handed over at the registration desk upon arrival at the Conference in Rotterdam. This form will help us to verify credentials and cross check data submitted via the online registration system. Please note the following speficities:

  • For the 24th European Scout Conference, and based on provisions of the Constitution of the European Region of WOSM, NSOs shall appoint on Head of delegation, up to five (5) additional delegates, and an unlimited number of observers. The credentials for the voting system will be handed to the designated Head of delegation in advance of the event.
  • For the 17th European Guide Conference, according to the WAGGGS Rules of Procedure, the Europe Committee WAGGGS has agreed for the delegation size to be the following: Each MO (including Federations of up to 2 Component Associations) will be allowed to send 1 Head Delegate, 1 Delegate, 3 Observers and 1 Young Person. Federations with 3 or more Component Associations will be allowed to send 2 members per Component Association (the overall delegation from this number to include: 1 Head Delegate, 1 Delegate and the remaining number as Observers), and 1 Young Person. In addition, all delegations will have the opportunity to apply to bring additional young people under the age of 30. 
  • All delegations registered for the 17th European Guide Conference and the 24th European Scout Conference constitute the delegations to the 17th European Guide and Scout Conference.

3. Individual online Registration and Invoicing

Once the Delegation Nomination Form has been submitted to the Conference Office, each participant must complete the online Conference Registration. Group registration is also possible.

Please note, that delegates and observers will need to have individual, unique email addresses to do so, as the email is the principle identification in the registration system. Payment of the conference fee is due following receipt of an invoice issued by the Host Team. Travel to and from Rotterdam, accommodation as well as breakfast are NOT included in the Conference fee.

4. Accommodation and Travel Details

For this event, the organisation of accommodation and travel to and from Rotterdam is the responsibility of the individual participant or the respective delegation. Please refer to the Travel and Accommodation Section for further details.

Once participants are registered and have booked their accommodation and travel they will be asked to submit information about where they will be staying and when they will be travelling to and from the Conference.


Guests, who are not members of Member Organisations of WOSM or WAGGGS attending the Conference as delegates or observers, can attend the events. Guests and will need to register by completing the online Conference Registration Form. Please make sure to choose the category “Guest #17egsc” and indicating whether you intend to attend the 24th European Scout Conference or the 17th European Guide Conference by selecting either “WOSM other” or “WAGGGS other” when completing the form. Do not hesitate contacting the Joint Conference Secretariat should you need assistance with the registration. For accommodation, please consult information available in the Travel and Accommodation section.


Dedicated staff and volunteers of the Joint Conference Secretariat are available to answer any questions you may have and can assist you should you have difficulties completing the online registration.
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